Waterplay Solutions has rolled out Shoreline, a new collection of interactive aquatic play experiences bursting with seaside discoveries and soaring water effects.

Inspired by ocean tides, the Shoreline collection invites kids to spin, whirl, spray, cover and collaborate in their favourite seaside adventures.

With 19 new innovative products, Shoreline introduces a playful extension of Waterplay’s nature-inspired Grasslands collection, featuring a 13ft Beach Ball Soaker, AquaLume lighting and numerous spray features

To promote water conservation, the Whirler Action Activator joins play value and sustainability with a fun disk that children can whirl to activate surrounding features.

All components are installed with the PlayPhase anchoring system, making it easy to install, phase, expand and interchange features over time.

“The concept of Shoreline is to continue the Grasslands journey onto the waterfront, where kids are immersed in a whole new wave of discoveries focused around interaction, collaboration and sensory play,” said Waterplay’s creative manager, Shanley Hutchinson.    

A product collaboration with Markus Ehring, world-renowned public space designer, Shoreline’s natural aesthetic of breezy grasses and tall water flowers blend seamlessly with the Grasslands Collection – or tell a captivating play story on their own.