Waterplay Solutions has developed a new generation of products for aquatic play spaces around the world.

The launch includes over 125 re-designed freestanding features packed with play value and optimised water effects, modular activity towers with endless configurations and cutting-edge water management solutions featuring breakthrough technologies.

“Waterplay’s mission is to bring the joy of water to people and communities,” said the company’s president, Jill White. “As a company, we’re passionate about water. We’re passionate about the textures and beauty of it, the feelings it evokes when people interact with it and we’re passionate about its potential.”

Waterplay’s new aquatic play products take interactive and inclusive play to new heights, while incorporating sustainable flow rates and industry-leading materials.

“This is a 360-degree evolution of our products lines,” added Dennis Scott, director of design and operations. “We’ve revolutionised form, fit and function to deliver a solution at every stage of the product lifecycle.”