WhiteWater, specialists in the design and manufacture of attractions for waterparks, has announced the arrival of the Parallel Pursuit.

The racing water slide enables riders to sit side-by-side as they race down a track and enjoy a shared racing experience.

The ride boasts sections that are both open and closed. Lane switching adds to the excitement of the ride as sections are linked by twisting enclosed aqua tubes.

The parts of the tube that are enclosed feature a translucent stripe designed to enhance the atmosphere.

The first installation of the Parallel Pursuit took place at Nocatee Spray Park in Florida, where guests have been enjoying the interactive, lane-switching race ride.

Paul Chutter, president and CEO of WhiteWater, said: “Racing water slides are a great way to encourage repeat ridership, combining skill and thrill as guests challenge others as well as themselves. Whether that’s to beat a friend or their own personal best, Parallel Pursuit has the added benefit of increasing a park’s dwell time.

“Parallel Pursuit’s innovation lies in its lower separating walls that allow riders to see each other, not just on straightaways but also on turns, in both open and enclosed sections,” Chutter added.