WhiteWater, specialists in the design and manufacturer of waterpark products, has announced a corporate-wide commitment to implementing more sustainable environmental practices for all its products and operations, as well as those of its suppliers.

Its sustainable commitment is part of WhiteWater’s goals to reduce waste and its carbon footprint over the next 20 years.

Many of the company’s products and designs are focused on improving water and energy savings, such as coupling run-out lanes with wave catchers and its Smart Blast technology which won a IAAPA Brass Ring Award. The technology uses variable frequency drives to adjust pump seeds during operation, and, as a result, reduces water and energy use.

WhiteWater is committed to halving its waste by 2030 and becoming “net zero” by 2040. It will work closely with suppliers and partners in relation to energy consumption, raw materials and end-of-life solutions, as well as examining its own manufacturing processes and product development.

Paul Chutter, president of WhiteWater, said that “change is possible”: “The time has come for all business leaders to confront sustainability issues head on,” he said.

“As the industry’s leading manufacturer, WhiteWater needs to advocate environmentally friendly practices, starting with ourselves, and up and down the value chain. With the climate in crisis, we need to make sustainable changes a priority. We are taking the initiative not just because our clients, their guests, our employees, and new regulations will demand it, but because it is the right thing to do,” Chutter commented.