During a press conference at this year’s IAAPA Expo, WhiteWater introduced six new products.

One of the six is a water ride called Blasterango Battle, which won an IAAPA Brass Ring Award.

WhiteWater describes the ride as “an adventure in two lanes of Master Blaster drops and climbs in a conjoined flume, then through separated dark sections with colourful AquaLucent effects, finishing with side-by-side Boomerango walls for zero-G sensations. 

“The action-packed racing experience, combined with unique theming opportunities on the two walls, is already making this water slide unmistakably iconic.”

The raft of new projects comes in line with WhiteWater’s current campaign motto of “Where Icons Are Made,” where the company highlights its latest projects that have achieved iconic status.

WhiteWater continues to grow and deliver for its customers. A focus that can be summed up by their visionary thinking: “As market leaders, we put our success down to our attitude, in all our years we’ve never once forgotten why we’re here – to help parks solve problems, create immersive experiences, and delight guests all over the world.”

“We’re here to create places where fun can thrive.”

Images: WhiteWater