Dubai has opened the deepest pool attraction in the world. Dive Dubai has a depth of 60 metres., snatching the record as the deepest water attraction from Deepspot in Poland, which boasts a depth of 45 metres.

The pool is filled with 14 million litres of fresh water, equating to the same volume as six Olympic-sized swimming pools. The temperature of the water is maintained at 30 degrees Celsius.

The pool is at least four times bigger than any other diving pool in the world.

The diving site enables swimmers to swim through a lost Atlantis, past graffiti and a portrait of Marilyn Monroe hanging on the wall.

Divers aged ten and over can swim through an abandoned arcade with a Pac-Man machine, pool table and table football, through a library, as well as a sunken flat. Divers can also get up close to a media editing room.

Visitors not diving can view the action through large windows and on TV screens at the dive site’s restaurant.