The world’s first Orbiter water slide has opened, debuting at the OCT Group’s Adventure Bay waterpark in Xiangyang, China.

When developing the new waterpark, OCT Group collaborated with waterpark attraction specialists WhiteWater, which provided a number of rides and attractions for the site.

Adventure Bay opened this summer and guests have been enjoying a range of WhiteWater’s most popular attractions, including a FusionFortress 10, Double Wave Pool, Extreme River, and a number of water slides, including Dueling Master Blasters, AquarSphere + Python Fusion, and the world first Orbiter.

Li Xu, manager director of Adventure Bay, commented on the opening of the Orbiter water slide: “We are delighted that the world’s first Orbiter was launched at Adventure Bay, where we have called it ‘Turbo Shuttle’. Our guests love it. It’s exciting, fresh, and fun, and it’s an unprecedented experience to ride on a raft inside it.

“The guests queuing in line are even more eager to try it when hearing the screams of the riders. Although the park is recently opened, ‘Turbo Shuttle’ has become one of the stars of the entire waterpark,” Li Xu added.