The largest chocolate museum and fountain in the world has opened in Sweden. Lindt, the Swiss chocolatier and confectionary company, has opened Lindt Home of Chocolate in Kilchberg, Sweden, described as “a chocolate maze to take you on an interactive journey.”

The huge new chocolate museum is home to an incredible chocolate fountain. The fountain stands at 9 metres high and is the focal point of the museum.

Elsewhere in the museum, visitors can learn about the cultivation of cocoa and experience the production of Lindt’s world-renowned chocolate creations. Guests can witness the largest chocolate test facility and join in classes to create their own chocolate masterpieces.

Ernst Tanner, president of the Lindt chocolate competence foundation, commented: “The Chocolate fountain is the centrepiece of the Lindt Home of Chocolate and represents a homage to the globally renowned and popular Lindor truffles.”

Ernst Tanner and tennis ace Roger Federer, who is an ambassador of Lindt, attended the opening ceremony of the museum, unveiling the highlight, the 9-metre high chocolate fountain.