A group of young people who are enthusiastic about waterparks recently completed an internship at Yas Waterworld, the Emirati-themed waterpark located on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi.

A total of six interns learned about different aspects related to the operations of a waterpark, including rescue techniques, first aid and hospitality.

The two-month internship at the Abu Dhabi waterpark provided the youngsters with essential lifesaving skills. The participants were shown behind-the-scenes operations at the park. The project comprised of more than 2,300 hours of work in a multicultural, hands-on environment.

20-year-old Mohammad Al Abdullah, who wants to embark on a career in aviation, commented: “I have learnt discipline, dedication, patience and respect in a real-life working environment, understanding first-hand how a waterpark operates.

Student Dewnya Mudalige, 16, from Sri Lanka, said the exposure contributed to her personal enrichment. “The work environment came a very close second, as it was so wholly and utterly positive and completely surpassed initial expectations,” said Mudalige.