Zamperla, creators of roller coasters, thrill rides and family rides, has introduced the Double Heart Lightning, hailed as one of the company’s most innovative coaster concepts.

The ride commences with three launches and a forward acceleration. Following some airtime, the train falls backwards. A third LSM launch propels the train up and over as riders experience more airtime before diving down a vertical drop. The ride ends with two inversions, an Immelmann and a dive loop.

The Double Heart Lightning is available in two models, 50 and 70 metres. Both models represent the tallest coasters Zamperla has conceptualised and designed. The new ride also utilises Zampera’s new Lightning trains, which debuted at the Orlando IAAPA Expo in 2019.

Zamperla is proposing several different seating configurations to cater for client’s capacity requirements and budget. The 70-metre model comprises of one or two 16-passenger trains, and the 50-metre model include on 12 o4 16-passenger train.

In a press statement about the new ride, Zamperla said: “The Double Heart represents a significant step forward as we grow into a go-go roller coaster manufacturer. Both models are a great marriage of a ride designed to come together at the intersection of marketing, ride experience, capacity and cost.”