As theme parks begin to reopen around the world, the need to encourage social distancing among visitors remains a challenge for operators.

To help theme parks meet such challenges, Zamperla has conceived a plexiglass safety barrier which guarantees social distancing among visitors at theme parks, even when using attractions.

The plexiglass barrier is easy to install with no major changes to rides required. Zamperla’s prototype team are working on the design and manufacture of the plexiglass barriers for the majority of Zamperla attractions, such as the Sky Tower, Magic Bikes, Crazy Bus, Jump Around, Disk’O, Junior Coaster, Aerial Ride, Thunderbolt, and more.

In a press statement, Zampela said: “In our continuous effort to innovate and find the most effective solutions applied to rides, Zamperla has conceived a plexiglass safety barrier that guarantees social distancing to Parks visitors, even when they’re riding our amusement rides, thus giving them the opportunity to enjoy the Park visit without any concern.

“We are confident that this solution could be helpful for our customers to restart their business as soon as possible and to provide to visitors all the safety measures they can!” Zamperla added.