Zamperla, a leading design and manufacturer of thrill rides worldwide, has launched the first augmented reality remote assistance service in the attraction rides industry.

Integrating augmented (AR), mixed (MR), and virtual reality (VR), Zamperla provides an innovative solution that enables today’s ride manufacturers to improve capabilities during a period of unprecedented social difficulty.

The AR/MR/VR technology can be used by various users on different types of devices. Each device has different features, interaction type and user experience. With real-time manipulation functions, which combines AR, MR and VR, the quality of work is improved. The advanced remote assistance system also reduces margin of error, raises safety standards, and reduces the time to complete tasks, thereby heightening efficiency and productivity.

Users can share real-time content, through both virtual and multimedia channels. Using advanced tools, content can be interacted with so users can keep on track of completed tasks, which can potentially be manipulated with graphics, overlay texts and multimedia.

Roberto Dal Pozzolo, customer service director at Zamperla, describes how the new AR remote assistance technology will assist ride manufacturers in the current difficult COVID-19 climate: “The idea of starting a remote assistance service with AR system, mixed and virtual was born initially in October 2019, as a project to support Zamperla’s technicians on the road. The COVID-19 emergency, travel restrictions and the obligation of social distancing have led us to rethink the system as a guide device for the customer, for the assembly of Zamperla’s attractions.

“The service has been available since mid-April and, since then, we have carried out two testing experiences: the first one with a WindstarZ, installed in the Mandarin Plaza mall in Kyiv, Ukraine, and the second with a Jump Around, at Jaderpark, Germany, providing remote assistance not only for the assembly of the attraction, but also for the testing of the machine.

“We have reinvented ourselves, changing the original goal of the service and adapting it to our needs in order to start a business that will allow us to create a real-time service system combined with the sale,” Roberto Dal Pozzolo added.