Zamperla, a world leader in amusement rides design and manufacturing, has developed a new system designed to help theme park operators contain the spread of viruses and bacteria.

The Wash-Through Ride System provides theme parks and attraction sites with a simple and practical solution to sanitising rollercoasters.

The Wash-Through Ride System comprises of a tunnel or structure which is suspended above a ride vehicle. The vehicle is then cleansed via a mist between the unloading and loading of guests. Vehicles can be cleansed when riders are still seated, depending on the preference of the park’s operators. The sanitising action is 45 seconds and a cycle can be activated after every five or ten rides.

The sanitising solution mist is colourless, odourless, and non-alcohol based. Its biocidal action lasts for up to 18 hours on surfaces and vehicles are left neither wet nor humid.

The system can be customised so it conforms with the thematization of a specific rollercoaster, so it is not too invasive or conspicuous.

With automatic disinfection rather than manual cleansing, queuing times for rides are significantly reduced and the sanitisation process is more efficient.

The Covid-19 pandemic has posed a series of challenges for theme parks around the world. Virus-proof rollercoaster seats are an effective way to ensure theme parks conform to regulations and restrictions, helping visitors and staff remain safe.