Zamperla, a leading design and manufacturer company for the attractions industry, has launched the Big WaveZ, hailed as the perfect combination between a family-thrill and a water ride.

Combining storytelling with ride technology, the new innovative attraction blends a classic shoot-the-chute and a drop ride tower.

The Big WaveZ propels riders 15 metres in the air to the top of the tower where they become engaged with a game experience. The game gives riders full control of their destiny on the interactions and game dynamics.

Z+ sensors and cameras register every individual movement of the riders. The movement feature can be changed for each attraction experience to maximise the customisation of the ride.

Zamperla designs the perfect storyline for every Big WaveZ concept to create a challenging and engaging ride experience.

In a press statement, Zamperla commented on the appeal of the new attraction: “We strive to create the most unique experiences and the Big WaveZ is all about the show, exciting to ride as to watch, it combines big thrill in a small footprint and huge splash with big spectacle.”