Zamperla, providers of family rides, thrill rides and rollercoasters worldwide, has launched a third issue of its corporate magazine, MAGZN.

Zamperla’s editorial project is designed to connect people, as well as news and ideas emerging from the attractions industry.

The third issue of MAGZN is focused on Zamperla’s new project known as Z-Funweek. Z-Funweek involves Zamperla announcing the launch of new attractions.

The company also talks about the next steps in its rollercoaster division, as well as the digital transformation within the company, and any trends poised in the sector identified by Zamperla’s academic partners, Strategy Innovation.

In a statement about the launch of the third issue of its corporate magazine, Zamperla said: “We are thrilled to share stories related to our company, sometimes changing perspective, giving overviews on this huge rollercoaster that is the amusement industry.”