Zamperla, specialists in the design and manufacture of rides and rollercoasters for the attractions industry, has launched three new products.

The products were announced at Z-Funweek, a week-long event initiative by Zamperla that is full of surprises and special projects.

One new product is the ChronoZ, a family tweener ride that accommodates up to 12 passengers per cycle. The ride features intertwining arms. Riders are seated back-to-back while two arms rotate vertically in opposite directions.

Also launched at Z-Funweek is the Gryphon, one of the few attractions that offer a single rider experience. The ride combined gravity and accelerations, accompanied with spectacular lights and dynamic action sequences.

Also new to Zamperla’s line-up is the Super Flume Ride. Hailed as a “new flume experience”, the attraction comprises of a track and lap bar which allows for fast drops and plenty of airtime. The Super Flume Ride features two chutes. Passengers feel the rush of 60km/h on a 12-metre drop and enjoy an airtime hump on the 8-metre drop.

Z-Funweek is running halfway through each month until the end of 2021. The event is designed to enable guests from around the world to discover brand-new products each month.