Italian ride manufacturer Zamperla is set to bring its Motocoaster concept to Europe for the first time, after securing a deal to install the motorbike racing themed rollercoaster at Sarkanniemi adventure park in Finland.

Zamperla currently has Motocoaster rides installed in the US, China and Guatemala. Seated two abreast on their own ‘motorbikes’, visitors are launched from 0-40mph in less than two seconds.

With the ride in full gear, the trains navigate an ascending banked turn to a height of more than 40ft before racing to the finish line through a series of 60-degree banked turns and figure-eight manoeuvres.

Now, in the wake of Amusement Expo Europe, which took place last month in Genoa, Zamperla marketing manager Marco Mazzucchi said Motocoaster sale to Sarkanneimi was due to the company’s consistent focus on quality and the strong relationship that has been forged between the two groups.

"We are very proud of this sale," Mazzucchi said. "It is a clear example of the efforts of our rollercoaster department, as well the quality of our products."