Zierer, the German-based manufacturer of a range of individually adjustable family rides and attractions, is introducing ‘Spin n’ Play’, a new product for playgrounds and amusement parks.

Spin n’ Play combines the concepts of themed playgrounds with the joy of carousels, to create a new ride for the whole family.

Riders are seated at an elevation of around 1.5 metres above the ride’s platform surface. The attraction can accommodate up to 30 passengers at a time, including children and adults.

From an underwater world to a jungle scene with exotic animals, Spin n’ Play can be customised to cater for the theming of individual parks and playgrounds. Each component of the ride can be adjusted to fit the theme, including the seats.

Customisable benches accommodate the ride, where parents can rest and enjoy watching their little ones have fun on the carousel.

Martin Weichselgartner, manager director of Zierer, commented: “Children just love carousels. Even more so if they can site high on top of the ride. It’s going to make children’s dreams come true. Colourful, safe and with loads of rotating fun.”