The centrepiece of the IAAPA calendar will take place in Orlando this month. And one company who will be unveiling its new product innovations will be Brogent Technologies.

Brogent will present over 10 products combined with thematic turnkey solutions, offering customers the most comprehensive services.

This includes revealing more details about its latest product, entitled “It’s Africa” a 10K flying theatre film and the world’s first 10K flying theatre adventure dedicated to showcasing the natural beauty of Africa. The ride offers ultra-high resolution on all existing flying theatre systems as well as optimizing performance for the latest LED dome screens, promising high quality film content. 

Another innovation for Brogent is a record-breaking 304-seat world’s largest simulator, which has opened in China, promising “an even more immersive and shared sea adventure experience for the audience.” 

Also, a new flying theatre is set to open in the 11 Skies Mall at Hong Kong Airport in 2024.

For all racing fans, it’s go go go as Brogent has created a cutting-edge racing simulator with an 8K LED dome screen at Hockenheimring’s brand-new welcome center, which opened in October. 

Images: Brogent / Hockenheimring