Georgia Surfer has been chosen as the new Ultra Surf coaster which will open this summer.

The water attraction will be a’ first-of-its-kind, industry-revolutionizing attraction featuring the ultimate combination of a roller coaster and a water ride,’ according to Six Flags.

Last summer during their inaugural Coaster Fest event, Six Flags Over Georgia announced the new Ultra Surf coaster coming to the park and opened up the naming of the new attraction to their fans. More than 2,500 name suggestions were submitted and over 27,000 votes were cast.

“We’d like to thank our fans for the overwhelming response to our coaster announcement and naming campaign,” said Operations Director, Spencer Lucas.

“We received a record number of name suggestions and votes cast, and we’ve been blown away by the hype surrounding this new attraction. We can’t wait for everyone to experience Georgia Surfer this summer.”

Created by Intamin, Georgia Surfer promises ultra-power, high capacity and unpredictable airtime – the ultimate theme park surf experience.

Six Flags explains that riders on board will ‘launch forward and backward along nearly 590ft of track, reaching speeds of up to 60mph, hitting the ride’s 144-foot peak before coasting down into a scenic splash pool.’

Georgia Surfer promises a unique ride each time due to free-spinning seats, ensuring no two rides will be the same.

Image: Six Flags