Aquatic Development Group has recently announced their brand new attraction, entitled EpicSurf.

ADG describes their attraction in three clear words: Play. Surf. Ride. Furthermore, they state: “The world’s newest deep-water stationary surf wave, EpicSurf makes real surfing possible anytime, anywhere – offering a customized surf experience tailored to each and every guest.

“EpicSurf’s deep-water stationary rapid wave technology can be quickly and easily tuned to match every rider’s skill level and choice of board, Entire families can experience the thrill together, each at their own pace and comfort level. From beginners learning to surf to experts perfecting their tricks and turns, EpicSurf’s stationary wave surfing provides the ideal platform for creating the ultimate surf venue.”


The EpicSurf covers the size of a tennis court and promises an authentic surfing experience.

The North American water attractions company plays a prominent role in the industry as one of the main players in water park designing and building.


ADG provides clients with the latest advancements in the design and development of water parks, water rides, and wave generation technology.