PortAventura World Parks & Resort in Spain has announced that Ferrari Land, a major new area, will officially open its doors on April 7, 2017.

Ferrari Land will occupy an area of 60,000sq.m filled with exciting adrenaline-fuelled attractions and a whole host of other delights for families and Ferrari brand fans of all ages.

The PortAventura Parks & Resort team has worked closely with the Italian brand to reflect Ferrari’s passion for technology and speed.

The main attraction and star feature of the park will be the vertical accelerator. Standing even taller than PortAventura’s own Shambhala, this ride will set a double record for being the highest (112m) and fastest (0-180km/h in five seconds) roller coaster in Europe.

Located next to it lies a racetrack covering over 500m, two bounce-back towers more than 55m high and F1 simulators for adults and children, as well as the chance to experience a speedy wheel change at the pit stop.

The representation of Italy in Ferrari Land will include the iconic buildings of Maranello, the home of Ferrari, and architectural references to the historical roots of the automotive brand.

“The arrival of Ferrari Land next April will highlight PortAventura World’s position as a worldwide leading holiday destination, offering three theme parks in one resort,” commented Giovanni Cavalli, general manager for PortAventura World.

With an investment of approximately €100m ($110m), the new theme park is the largest project in the history of PortAventura Resort. Once Ferrari Land has left the starting line, PortAventura said it was confident that it will attract five million annual visitors.