Legoland Germany has unveiled a second ride in the planned Lego Mythica area 

The Fire & Ice Tower will be more than 15m euros (£13m) and will be located in the Lego Mythica area, which will be new in 2023. 

It covers 1.2 hectares and will be the most extensive expansion of the amusement park in its history.

Legoland Germany set the scene: “In the 2023 season, visitors step through the impressive portal and explore an entirely new, mythical world. The ceiling of the mysterious corridor reveals a spectacular part of the new coaster: the corkscrew element, where the passengers of the wing coaster spin in a momentary head-over-ride.”

It references the new Wing Coaster which will accompany the Fire & Ice Tower.

The park confirms that the course of the Wing Coaster ‘allows for a unique feeling of freedom and offers a view of the Fire & Ice Tower.’

And the attraction will compose of two orange-blue giant towers 13-meters (43ft) high and combine the two elements of fire and ice, symbolized by blue and orange-red flames at the top of the towers. At a ride height of nine meters (30ft), the passengers repeatedly experience drops in free fall and turn around the towers at the same time.

On discussing the park’s expansion, Legoland Managing Director Manuela Stone: “With the combination of a spectacular roller coaster and the colorful towers, we are staying true to our Legoland motto – fun for the whole family.

Images: Legoland Germany