One of Spain’s most beloved theme parks put on a spectacular Halloween show as Isla Mágica (Magic Island) served up a spooktacular show.

A 13-hour extravaganza of rides, shows and attractions were on offer for guests with big queues starting early morning in anticipation of a fun Halloween day ahead.

Isla Mágica, located in the city of Seville, is Spain’s fourth largest city. The park is celebrating its 25th anniversary since it opened on June 28th, 1997 on the site of the Expo 92.

And Isla Mágica did an impressive job in transforming the park within the month of October with creative Halloween decorations, Halloween songs and red lanterns as well as ghoulish street actors and a special food offering with Halloween twists.

There were 16 special Halloween shows and terror walk-through attractions in its offering – two highlights were the Pirate show at El Motin with a beautifully choreographed exhibition of stunts and fight scenes taking place on-board an authentic pirate tall ship. 

And the main Halloween show took place by the park’s impressive lake, with fire-jugglers, (sword fighting, a fight on a boat, a Michael Jackson Thriller dance routine and the grim reaper on stilts. The music perfectly dovetailed the scenes to wow audiences and gave Halloween at the park the perfect send off to send guests home with a smile.

Guests too got in the spirit with dressing up in Halloween wear, which made the experience all the more spine-tingling.

Isla Mágica is depicted as a 16th and 17th century magical world and offers numerous attractions for all the family throughout its six themed zones. The main roller coaster is called El Jaguar (The Jaguar). The steel inverted coaster was made by Vekoma and packs a punch with its 40-second thrill ride of corkscrews, five inversions, a helix and air-time kicks aplenty. The ride at night is especially fun – racing through the trees and bright lights. The freedom it gives with your legs dangling heightens the senses. It scales 109ft. in height and travels at 50mph.

El Desafio (The Challenge) is another of Isla Mágica’s main rides. It is a drop tower attraction with a difference- that every hour changes its settings, be it a panoramic mode, shoots up and down, shoots down twice or three times. Highly  impressive technology and gives wonderful views of the park and of the city of Seville.

As the city gets very hot (the hottest city in Europe) the park is geared up with three spectacular water rides and its own water park called Agua Mágica (Magic Water).

Located at the park too is a piece of the Berlin Wall, which was presented to the park following the Expo 92 celebrations.

After a very challenging period for the theme park industry, it was so great to see the true essence of theme parks and the public, getting their fill once again of the buzz which a theme park day out can create.

Isla Magica did a tremendous job of capturing the Halloween atmosphere and a day out at the park is well worth it.

100,000 visitors gathered for Halloween here last year and strong visitor numbers are promised this time around.

Halloween at Isla Mágica lived up to its billing as ‘Fun without limits’.

Images: Isla Mágica