At IAAPA Expo 2022, Intercard will demo its Edge Mobile Apps Collection with iWallet, a significant update of this key product. 

“We listened to our customers and made sure the Edge Mobile Apps Collection continues to make doing business easier,” says Scott Sherrod, CEO of Intercard. 

“The introduction of the iWallet makes it easy for the growing number of consumers who want to pay for game cards with the popular Apple Pay and Google Pay platforms. With the proliferation of cashless options, operators who enable their customers to use their preferred method of payment will reap additional revenues.”

“The iWallet is great technology and very trendy with early adopters. It hasn’t become the standard yet so we will continue to develop it as it becomes more widely used.” says Sherrod. 

Other innovative products that Intercard will feature at the Expo include its industry-first Impulse hybrid reader that takes credit cards and its contactless e-commerce technology, which allows guests to buy game cards, special deals and memberships before visiting an FEC. 

The e-commerce platform is easily added to a venue’s website and can be customized to fit the operator’s brand.

Visitors to the Intercard booth 2206 at IAAPA will have the opportunity to experience all of its innovative products.

Intercard will be represented at the show by Sherrod with the entire domestic and international sales teams plus technical experts. 

Jeff Jones, Intercard’s trainer, will be at the popular Training Bar to meet customers and answer questions about getting the most out of the company’s technology.

Images: Intercard