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Parc Astérix celebrating 65th anniversary in style

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Parc Astérix, the park of the irreducible Gaul’s, is in celebration with its 35th anniversary season.

Opening its doors on 30 April 30, 1989, Parc Astérix continues to be popular tourism destination.

Last season, the French park welcomed 2,815,000 visitors, making it the second-busiest theme park in France.

Catering for 50 attractions and shows, divided into 6 themed universes, this park has brought the famous comic strip created by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo’s to life.

And to celebrate the 35th anniversary, the park are showing off a number of new attractions and show.

The Edifis Tower is the latest new attraction, which reaches a height of 40 metres, and is located in the section dedicated to Egypt. The suspended swing ride consists of three phases of the adventure: the ascent, the rotation offering a 360-degree view, and finally, the descent.

On 1 June, the Edifis Tower was inaugurated by Edifis, played by Jamel Debbouze, who is a loveable, but somewhat scatterbrain of an inventor who are created this marvellous yet wacky attraction. Very apt of Edifis.

A new musical is also released following the adventures of Groupidupianix and Sérotonine. One has a dream of becoming Gaul’s most glamorous bard and the other of breaking tradition by becoming the first druidess. Joined by nine talented singers and actors, they will bring to life new melodies by Vidal & Salvia, specially created for this unique show at Parc Astérix. The show is three years in the making and takes place at the 600-seat Panoramix theatre.

The park’s parades return this year with a new float inspired by Hispanic cultures. This float features the famous cartoon characters Pépé, Soupalognon and Crouton, along with an animated bull.

The park has a new restaurant called P’oz Kebab, offering kebab meat specialties.

Images: Parc Astérix

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