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Swingi: Elevating Thrills at Linnanmäki with Intamin’s Newest Gyro Swing

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Following the triumph of “Taiga,” Intamin’s LSM Multi-Launch Coaster in 2019, Linnanmäki in Finland debuted their new Intamin Gyro Swing named “Swingi” on April 30, 2024.

This ride features a 25-meter arm and a rotating gondola that holds up to 40 passengers, swinging them to heights of 42 meters at a dramatic 120-degree angle. Each swing brings riders to a moment of complete weightlessness, enhanced by a pleasing rotation that adds depth to every cycle. Known for its visual thrill, the Intamin Gyro Swing has rapidly become a favorite among global amusement rides.

Swingi is equipped with a state-of-the-art direct drive system, recognized as the most powerful in the industry, ensuring a ride that is not only smooth but also impressively dynamic. Over time, Intamin has refined this technology to achieve a significantly reduced noise level from the power unit. Additionally, this innovative drive system recovers up to 40% of the energy used, promoting considerable energy efficiency and lowering operational costs for a more sustainable amusement investment.

Riders enjoy the comfort and security of advanced suspended seats with a proven restraint system that offers extensive freedom of movement without upper-body constraints. As a replacement for an older carousel, Swingi was designed to deliver a breathtaking and emblematic experience within a compact area, making it an excellent enhancement to Linnanmäki’s array of attractions.

Images: Intamin

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