The newest IP theme park will be unveiled to the public this year as entertainment brand Mattel such its very first Mattel Adventure Park. 

The theme park is set to be based around the popular toy and game brand and will be located in Glendale, Arizona. 

Mattel Adventure Park will include several popular Mattel IPs including Hot Wheels, Barbie, Thomas and Friends, and Masters of the Universe. 

Various rides and attractions have been confirmed by the park; the first is a double-looping launch Hot Wheels roller coaster. The coaster, designed by Chance Rides, will be similar to Lightning Run at Kentucky Kingdom but with more inversions.

Boneshaker will be another Hot Wheels family coaster and is expected to be a partly dark ride. 

Another exciting attraction planned is a go-kart track themed to Hot Wheels – fit for all the family and friends and race to victory.

Images: Mattel Adventure Park