Manormortis, located at Scare Kingdom Scream Park in Lancashire, UK, is Britain's newest permanent award-winning scare attraction.

Created for Scare Kingdom Scream Park by European scare entertainment specialist AtmosFear Scare Entertainment, which has created over 100 temporary and seasonal scare entertainment projects in its 13-year history, Manormortis is the third permanent scare attraction designed and built by the company

The attraction is a 4,800sq.ft classic 'haunted house' style attraction which combines European scare entertainment storytelling with classic American style impact scares across 24 themed rooms and environments.

The imagineering and design phase for Manormortis was an 18-month journey for the production team who immersed themselves in classic ghost stories, movies and legends.

Mark Lofthouse, director of imagineering for AtmosFear, said: "We looked at films like 'The Haunting', 'Steven King's Rose Red', 'Crooked House' and 'The Legend of Hell House' before we decided on the theme of the attraction.

"Other reference seeds included classic British ghost stories like the allegedly true 'Monster of Glamis Castle', the American 'Winchester Mystery House' and the stories of the 'UK's most haunted house' Borley Rectory in Essex.

"We also looked at existing scare attractions which present the classic 'haunted house' theme like Gasten Ghost Hotel in Sweden and Legendary Truth in America," Lofthouse said.

Designed as a set of four 'quads' the attraction includes a labyrinth of back-stage corridors and 'rat runs', which allow quick movement by scare actors behind the scenes.

The attraction is presented in a variety of time periods, from the medieval Kitchen to the more lavish Edwardian Great Hall and Victorian Conservatory, each featuring authentic set dressing.  

AtmosFear's fourth permanent scare attraction, Labirinto, is due to open in Portugal in early 2014.