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Convious exhibits latest AI-driven platform at Museums and Heritage Show

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Leading Sales and Marketing platform innovator Convious has unveiled its latest AI-driven solutions ‘designed to help cultural and heritage sites optimize operations while reducing their environmental footprint’

The exhibition has taken place at the Museums and Heritage Show in London between the 12th and 14th May.

“At Convious, we are committed to leveraging technology to drive positive change within the cultural sector,” explains Hans Keijmel, Head of Sales and Marketing at Convious.

“Our AI-driven digital platform offers museums and heritage sites the tools they need to adopt more sustainable practices while enhancing their overall efficiency and visitor engagement”. 

Convious gave a presentation on how advanced algorithms and data analytics can empower leisure venues to make informed decisions that prioritise sustainability without compromising on visitor experience.

There was also a live demonstrations of Convious’ innovative platform, as well as how AI can be utilised to implement sustainable solutions tailored to the unique needs of museums and heritage sites.

Convious has a firm focus on sustainability through its latest created digital solutions that help visitors to navigate exhibitions and attractions before, during and after their visit, minimising the need for any printed materials. This includes digital maps and brochures, tickets and vouchers.

For operators, Convious also enables greater visibility for better planning, with dynamic pricing delivering advanced insights into anticipated visitor numbers. Convious explains that this data-driven approach optimises operations and reduces waste by minimising overstaffing and excess inventory.

Image: Convious

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