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Glowing feedback for future Universal UK theme park

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Universal Destinations and Experiences has confirmed that 92% of people who conducted a survey into their UK theme park plans were in unanimous support.

6,000 local residents of Bedford Borough were asked to participate in the survey to gauge the interest of a Universal theme park in the United Kingdom.

The other eight per cent represented less than 4% who are not supportive of the theme park and 4% who don’t know.

“Your feedback also showed that there is strong support for the economic impact a generationally transformative project of this scale could bring,” said Universal Destinations and Experiences.

“Including investing billions of pounds and unlocking wider investment into Bedford, the surrounding area, and the UK more broadly.”

“We are incredibly appreciative of the very warm welcome we received and have been delighted by the enthusiasm and overwhelmingly positive responses provided throughout the public engagement period.”

No official news as to whether the theme park will become a reality but Universal stated that “as far as what is next, our continued due diligence and stakeholder dialogues will help determine whether we can proceed with this project.

“We also remain in ongoing conversations with the relevant transport authorities and with local and national governments to ensure all the elements to support a project of this scale are in place.”

And for those who have doubts with the project of the first Universal Theme Park in the UK, Universal commented that “there were understandably some areas where you had questions or wanted reassurance.

“We heard clearly that major infrastructure investment, such as road and rail improvements, would be required to support the needs of the local community and visitors, and we agree.

“People also want us to ensure that construction would be managed carefully and considerately, something we take seriously as a company and will be a priority for us if we go ahead.”

Universal has confirmed that it has met with over 100 local organisations to understand how best to manage the impact their theme park plans may have.

Image: Universal

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