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Wolf Legend name unveiled: Gardaland’s new Drop and Twist Tower

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Gardaland has unveiled the name of its new Drop and Twist Tower set to open in June: Wolf Legend.

Creating a novel unveiling of the ride’s name, guests were chosen by the park to participate in this mysterious surprise event 

Visitors were enlisted by staff members at the entrance gates, where they received a mysterious numbered sphere containing a single clue: “at the howl of the wolf, you will reveal the name of the new attraction”.

Gardaland explained that “at 12 noon, at the howl of the wolf – the key figure of the new and adventurous attraction – the many visitors and families, intrigued by the unusual summons, gathered in Gardaland’s central square.

“Here, after picking up their mystery object and taking their seats, amidst amazement and wonder, and at the end of an exciting group countdown, the guests raised their many puzzle pieces to the sky, thus composing the name of this year’s new attraction, which had remained secret until now.”

The name Wolf Legend, picked up by a drone that flew over the area, was immediately projected across all the screens in the Park.

Wolf Legend promises ‘a gripping story,’ where guests will ‘perform a daring ritual with courage and determination.’ Riders will be ‘plunged into the jaws of the giant stone wolf and free him from the curse that hangs over him.’

Images: Gardaland

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