Saudi Arabia is to turn an offshore oil rig into a huge new theme park. The plans were unveiled by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF), which made an announcement on October 15.

Known as ‘THE RIG’, the project is in line with Saudi Arabia’s commitment to preserve the environment by reducing its dependence on oil and putting greater focus on entertainment and tourism.

The destination will be located in the Arabian Gulf and will extend over 150,000 sq. mt. The theme park will be home to a myriad of entertainment and leisure offerings, including hotels, restaurants and extreme sports.

The PIF’s advertisement of THE RIG boasts a combination of rollercoasters, child-friendly attractions, watersports, racing cars, and more.

The PIF claims the site will retain the sustainable goals peddled by Saudi Arabia.

“The project is… expected to attract tourists from around the world, while being especially popular with citizens and residents of the GCC countries in the region,” said the PIF in a statement.