The Science Museum in London has opened an exhibition giving further understanding and awareness of cancer. 

It has been created by the Science Museum Group with support from partner Cancer Research UK.

The Cancer Revolution is a free and unique exhibition highlighting all aspects of the disease with historical dates to modern treatments.

The exhibition houses more than 100 objects and brings to life the stories of people affected by cancer. It revealing how researchers, clinicians, and patients are steadfast in their desire to conquer cancer, progressing the study and implementation to treat and resolve the disease.

It features objects never seen before in the UK, including the recent discovery of the first malignant bone tumour to be identified in a dinosaur fossil and a cast from the 1950s developed to hold radium seeds for skin cancer treatment.

Katie Dabin, lead curator of the exhibition, said: “After a successful run at the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester I’m thrilled visitors to the Science Museum will see this ground-breaking exhibition.

“Through hundreds of objects and testimonies from clinicians to patients, Cancer Revolution tells the remarkable story of the advances in cancer treatment over the decades.

“Inside the exhibition, visitors will encounter an array of incredible objects that explore our understanding of the disease: from a dinosaur fossil that provides the earliest known example of a cancerous tumour, to the VR technology being developed to study the cells that make up tumours.

“Visitors will also discover the latest research and innovations in cancer care and will be inspired by the incredible work being done to improve early diagnosis and develop treatments to help us to live longer and better with cancer.”