Halloween is always a time to sink your teeth into (especially if you are Dracula). 

And that goes for theme parks too who can revel in showcasing their fun and creative side more in the spooky month that is October. What started as the event of Halloween on 31 October has transformed into a month-long-spooky-festivity.

And theme parks up and down the land and abroad are embracing new ways to scare its guests – from new technologies to scented experiences. InterPark delves deep into the modern-day Halloween spooktacular. A chilling challenge. 

The good folks at Blackpool Pleasure Beach have come up with a novel way to enhance its ride experience. Their Halloween event of ‘Journey to Hell’ has transformed the park with several of its most distinguished rides given a spooky twist. 

One of them being the fabled Ghost Train, which for Halloween will include live actors jumping out at guests. ‘Destination Fear’ is how the park describe the new train voyage for brave guests. 

Entertainment will be provided in the shape of the park’s Halloween host ‘The Gatekeeper’ who will host an event with DJ and drinks.

Main roller coasters of the Big One and Infusion had their lights switched off to provide a terrifying ride in the darkness. This was the same for the Pleasure Beach railway express journeying at night with live actors on-board.

The River Caves is another classic ride which guests will experience in a unique way. Its main lights have been turned off and audio changed to a drumming marching sound. Riders on-board are provided with a dimly-lit lantern so they have no idea what lurks close by – namely live actors with a scary surprise!

Some areas of the renamed ‘Cursed River Caves’ attraction have no music at all so the water becomes the protagonist with the ripples of water eerily proving the soundtrack to the tunnel of love…or tunnel of terror. 

The ride operator has been given a haunting makeover too with LED technology providing an eerie interchangeable face mask which will bamboozle riders on-board.

Further evidence of visitor attractions pushing the boundaries of scare tactics lies at the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum in Bournemouth where they will be hosting their Halloween soiree.

THE EVIL ENGAGEMENT, as it is creepily known, promises to be an entertaining mystery game, allowing guests to explore the expansive Victorian villa and solve a murder mystery evening. 

The Art Gallery has been given a murky makeover in which guests can live first hand this whodunit style game which includes a séance fit with scented smells to heighten the senses of guests and provide the ultimate immersive Halloween experience.

“THE EVIL ENGAGEMENT is a multisensory mystery, with live music, dramatic lighting, immersive sounds and even a séance using ‘spectral smells’,” explains themed attraction designer Liam R. Findlay.

“Russell-Cotes is a gorgeous and haunting setting, and to explore it at night is a thrill not to be missed. 

“This experience isn’t rigid – guests can explore each room as they please, ask any questions they like and solve the mystery in their own way. They are welcome to come in costume (or not!), and there will also be a bar for refreshments!”

The frighteningly good evening takes place on Saturday 29 October from 7pm to 10pm.