Vekoma has announced that its CEO Vekoma Rides BV, Har Kupers, is set to become Corporate Executive Officer of Sansei Technologies, Inc. and Chairman of Vekoma Rides BV and S&S Worldwide Inc.

Kupers will be succeeded internally by CFO Anne-Mart Agerbeek.

Kupers has a wealth of experience, working at Vekoma Rides BV for more than thirty years and is currently CEO of the global market leader in roller coasters. 

His appointment as Corporate Executive Officer of Sansei Technologies Inc. will commence on 1 January, 2024. In this new role, he will also become Chairman of Vekoma and its American sister company S&S Worldwide Inc.

Kupers’ base of operations remains Vlodrop in Limburg, from where he divides his time between Vekoma Rides BV, the American S&S Worldwide Inc. and the Japanese parent company Sansei Technologies Inc. 

“I see this appointment as recognition of the continued good results of our team at Vekoma. This gives us the opportunity to further embed our vision and way of working within the Sansei Technologies Group,” said Har Kupers.

“The acquisition by Sansei Technologies Inc. in 2018 was all about further internationalization for Vekoma. Within that process, we see more and more opportunities and possibilities for synergy between the companies. This deserves special attention, and from this role within the group I can steer in a targeted way.”

Meanwhile, the position of CEO at Vekoma Rides BV will be taken over by the current CFO, Anne-Mart Agerbeek. Agerbeek, who has extensive experience in the manufacturing industry and has a broad background in finance, IT and sales, has been CFO and statutory director at Vekoma since 2018.

Agerbeek has got to know Vekoma well because, in addition to her financial, IT and legal role, she was also jointly responsible for Commerce within Vekoma together with Har Kupers.

“Vekoma is first and foremost a team. This also applies to the current management team,” said Har Kupers.

“We operate as a team, each with their own tasks and responsibilities. I am very pleased that we have found the ideal candidate for the CEO position within our current team in the person of Anne-Mart.

“The composition of the rest of the management team remains unchanged. I look forward to continuing to work with the management team, with Anne-Mart and I both operating from a new role.”

CEO Sansei Technologies Inc. Noboru Rachi finalized: “Mr. Kupers has an extensive track record in the entertainment industry, particularly in the areas of quality, safety and innovation. Our commitment in these areas is the basis for realising our customer promise.

“Therefore, I am confident that with the appointment of Mr. Kupers and his consistent leadership in these areas, Sansei Technologies’ growth ambitions will be realized in a way that best serves our customers and shareholders.”

Image: Vekoma