Walltopia, manufacturers of climbing walls and active entertainment, has announced it is creating the biggest indoor ropes course in the world.

This will be the second time Walltopia has built the world’s largest ropes course, as the company will be breaking its own record.

Walltopia’s latest achievement can be found at Play: CBUS, Ohio. The ropes course boasts 129 different obstacles, ten more than the previous record-holder, Walltopia’s Summit Ropes course.

Play : CBUS is Play Holdings’ second Active Entertainment Centre designed and manufactured entirely by Walltopia.

As well as being home to the largest indoor ropes course in the world, the centre boasts two types of Ninja courses. One type is centred on giving visitors a challenge and physical exercise, with a boulder climbing wall for avid climbers, and the other courses comprise of fun walls and a kiddies ropes course for younger visitors. There is also a zipline for additional fun.

Konstantin Karamfilov, product manager for the Active Entertainment in Walltopia, commented: “To be honest, the most challenging part of a big project like Play: CBUS is not the scale, but creating a mix of attractions that achieve the right balance between physical challenge and entertainment, for people of different ages and interests.