The reimagining of Cedar Point’s flagship attraction gathers pace. 

A landmark moment in construction was completed when the 420-foot spike tower was officially put in place, officially completing the track for Top Thrill 2.

Its creators Zamperla are making progress with the fast-flowing dragster ride. Once complete, guests will be propelled up to 74 mph towards the Top Hat tower before racing backwards at 101mph towards the enormous spike. 

Riders will get a fine view of Cedar Point and Lake Erie from its towering vertical viewpoint before rolling down for a third launch at a top speed of 120-mph to race over the top hat and cross the finish line at top gas.

With the track in place, testing of the three roller coasters ‘lightning’ carriages will commence and continue throughout the winter off period, rigorously testing each part of the track from its launch zones, spike tower and top hat.

Top Thrill Dragster is scheduled to open next spring on 4 May.

Image: Cedar Point