Alton Towers is to close its Skyride gondola attraction for 2024 to provide significant maintenance updates.

Bianca Sammut, Divisional Director at Alton Towers Resort, has given a comprehensive insight into developments happening at Alton Towers. And one major announcement was the Skyride attraction.

“Over the last year we have been carrying out crucial work behind the scenes on the Skyride ride,” confirmed Sammut.

“We have worked through this project in collaboration with the ride supplier POMA and we have had to make some critical decisions about the attraction’s future longevity.”

It is clear that the Skyride will be getting the nourishing update it needs not just to get the ride back up and running but that it will remain a key heritage attraction, as Sammut elaborates: “This decision went beyond our commitment to just keeping the Skyride operational, it became around the desire to ensure it remains a beloved feature of the park for generations to come.

“The Skyride isn’t just a ride; it’s a piece of Alton Towers history and an iconic sight of the theme park since the 1960’s. Since its debut, it has whisked millions of visitors across the park offering breath-taking views of our historic Listed gardens and their hidden gems. My ambition is not to lose this from the park.

“Therefore, we are opting to place additional, significant investment into its infrastructure to project this much-loved attraction that has been a staple of the Resort for so long. This means Skyride will remain closed in 2024 as we continue our work and undertake this multimillion-pound project.

“Rest assured that specialist teams are already at work behind the scenes and will ensure its eventual return will be nothing short of spectacular.”

Image: Alton Towers