The largest Aquarium in the Middle East recently opened to the public. The landmark aquatic attraction is based in Al Qana, Abu Dhabi, an emerging tourist destination.

The National Aquarium covers 5500m2 and includes 10 zones. Within the zones there are 60 exhibits and over 45,000 animals to marvel.

At the National Aquarium, visitors will take in displays such as the Red Sea Wreck where you can find out about the red seas biodiversity. The Ring of Fire will put guests in the heart of the action by experiencing a volcanic cave. Meanwhile, Ocean Magic reveals some of the treasured secrets of the ocean.

The centrepiece attraction of the National Aquarium is Bu Tinah Island. Here, guests will be able to see the sea life at close quarters with a tunnel of 55m length and 5000 m3 volume.

Guests visiting can also experience ancillary features of the National Aquarium such as cruising along a Dhow tour, where you can see fish close up with its glass bottom flooring.

The wellbeing of marine life is paramount to the National Aquarium – made clear through a partnership with the Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi to highlight The Wildlife Rescue programme the aquarium runs.

The mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and release native wildlife in the Abu Dhabi Emirate as the aquarium aims to preserve and conserve its treasured marine life for future generations.