ICON, the UK’s first and only double launch rollercoaster, is to get an ENSŌ uplift at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in 2022.

ENSŌ is an enhancement that is developed by Mack Rides, involving the adding of a spinning seat onto existing coasters. The seats are specifically located on the back row of the coaster and move freely with the movement of the ride.

With ENSŌ installed, riders on ICON’s rear two seats will spin and twist freely throughout the ride. Reaching exhilarating speeds, riders are taken on twists and turns, while coming close to numerous interactions with other rides. The double launch coaster soars riders high above Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

On signing this contact with Mack Rides, Amanda Thompson OBE, commented: “We are delighted to once again be working with Mack Rides.  We have a longstanding relationship with the Mack family and this continues the strong links between our two families.  ENSŌ promises to be a thrilling addition to ICON, and I can’t wait to see everyone get twisted next year.”

The ENSŌ addition will be available for guests at Blackpool Pleasure Beach to enjoy from spring 2022.