During the IAAPA Expo in Orlando, BoldMove unveiled ‘Voodoo Festival’ and ‘Raptor Expedition’.

Voodoo Festival features a fun-scary fair for Smash & Reload. The experience comes in two versions, a daytime one for families and a scarier version for adults in the evenings. 

The story revolves around voodoo dolls that come back to life by mysterious magic. Players can save the Mardi Gras festival from total takeover by flinging good luck bags at the crazy dolls and break the curse.

With a capacity of 430 persons per hour, the Smash & Reload double-action ride accommodates a large number of visitors on a compact space of 2500sqft. 

High-scoring and different player levels in the gameplay encourage repeat visits, whilst merchandising programmes bring extra revenue. The high-level media content can be adjusted to seasonal events like Halloween and Christmas.

Another attraction unveiled in Orlando was the immersive AR walkthrough Raptor Expedition. Visitors will experience a unique live videogame with this all-weather indoor walkthrough through the world of dinosaurs. 

BoldMove’s revolutionary AR technology blends a real themed world with the virtual one, creating an immersive experience like no other. Participants will meet eye-to-eye with ancient creatures and enjoy multisensory special effects that enhance the excitement of their journey. 

In addition, every experience will be different as through AI technology, the dinosaurs adapt their behaviour to different skill level or seasonal events.

CEO Benoit Cornet said at the event: “Visitors want to embark in a fun environment and get fully submersed in an engaging experience they can enjoy together with their friends and family. Our creative process starts with this in mind, designing and synchronising all required ingredients to create a successful attraction for each venue and audience.”

Based on its extensive dark ride experience, BoldMove can design custom rides and themes from scratch or based on a modular approach. Their recently launched FUSION dark ride concept blends the highly addictive and fun gameplay of midway style dark ride with an immersive theming and super plot twist towards the end. 

Thus, a classic dark ride hit is being revisited using the latest technologies in interactivity, gameplay, and artificial intelligence with fun candy factory story. BoldMove also demonstrates its Double Down as the first “multiverse” dark ride that will take visitors on an amazing and immersive adventure. The ride combines two universes with each a different dynamic yet part of the same experience: an interactive walkthrough and thrilling escape ride.

Images: BoldMove