People movers and transport feature heavily in the leisure industry. And in that category one can find the lovely and warm professionals of Dotto Trains, a company with strong family ties and a leader in the production of high-quality and long-lasting tourist trains for more than 60 years – fuelled by Ivo Dotto building a small train on rails as a hobby for the factory’s garden.

After 60 years of history, innovation, and trains, the passion handed down by the founders continues to fuel dreams and live up to the company’s mission: to produce tourist trains that encourage people to travel in an environmentally friendly and comfortable way, enhancing the urban, landscape and artistic environment to attract tourism, creating a pleasant experience for all ages. 

A constantly evolving and innovative Dotto train for a sustainable lifestyle in every location in the world, respecting people, and the environment by offering a stimulating experience. The trains can be usually constructed between three to four months but also can be commissioned in just one month depending on the client’s request.

CEO Sabrina Carraro and Roberta Santi, Marketing & Sales Department, spoke exclusively to InterPark from the IAAPA Expo Europe in Vienna in a wide-ranging interview: “The start of the show was very good with a lot of interest in what we do,” commented Carraro.

In terms of the latest products, Roberta Santi said: “We have created the latest Electrical IVO 22 model which is fully electric and is available in 2per2 and 4per4 wheel drives which will increase performance in our trains. It has more autonomy and greater battery levels and has a self-serving brake system to give better performance when our trains are traveling up a very steep area to say a castle on the hill.”

Carrero added: “We launched it last year, so it is in its second season. Our customers are very happy because the performance is really good and thanks to the development, we have sold a lot of this model. It has proved very popular and the client’s feedback is really positive.”

Thanks to providing both environmental and sustainable mobility, Dotto Train delivered an Electric Train to the Tel Aviv-Ramat Gan Zoological Center, Israel in March 2022, representing the largest variety of wild animals in the Middle East. 

The project has involved both the technical staff of Dotto Trains and Zoological Centre Ramat Gam to develop and design the train as desired: it is now possible to visit the 250-acre site of safari and open-air zoo aboard the new Electric Muson River locomotive – transporting almost 60 people in a silent and ecological way without disturbing freely moving animals.

“We were very proud to offer our train to them and the terrain they have there suited the Dotto train we provided,” smiled Carrero.

Furthermore, Jonathan Amiel, Mechanical Operations Manager at Tel Aviv-Ramat Gan Zoological Center, Israel, said “The Electric train is the first of its kind in Israel and we are very pleased with its performance and ability to cater to our needs. Our visitors just love it. Personally speaking, the Dotto Team are fantastic, hospitable with easy communication, allowing for the development and design of the train to meet our customer’s needs with ease.”

Back in Vienna and speaking about the visitor attractions trends and popular markets, Carrero reflected: “We are receiving most of our clients from Europe and getting popularity in the Middle East. Also, we have a good client base in both North America and South America.

And the secret to the success of Dotto Trains? “We do not stop to develop new things. If you want to be in the market, you have to produce something new or of interest to prospective clients,” concluded Carraro.

Images: InterPark