Efteling, the historic Dutch theme park, has unveiled a series of planned events that are set to bring in the crowds in spring.

From April 1 onwards, several performances of the exciting Raveleijn Park Show take place each day, as well as the park show Fairytale Tree, Once upon a time.

The resort has also freshened up its famous Gondoletta boats, while Efteling's Bob Bobsleigh ride will once again be operational to take visitors around the track at high speed.

Summer will see the much-anticipated opening of the Baron 1898 dive coaster.

"Baron 1898 will transport visitors back to the age of the Dutch mining industry in the late 19th century," the park's operator said.

"Visitors assume the role of real mineworkers and experience a 37.5m freefall before entering the mineshaft at around 90km per hour."