Legoland Germany holiday village is set for an expansion; a new hotel and restaurant mean that the park will be able to cater to more guests this upcoming season.

It is estimated that more than 3,000 extra guests could stay at the resort each night. 

The new hotel accommodation fit with 80 rooms, adds to the selection of hospitality with guests able to stay at the dragon, king and knight castle as well as the pirate island hotel and the NINJAGO quarters.

Meanwhile, the new restaurant will have a capacity of 350 seats indoors, as well as 150 outdoors on two terraces.

Managing director of Legoland Germany, Manuela Stone, emphasizes the need for this step to meet visitor demand.

“The occupancy rate in the holiday village was just over 80 percent last season, which is an incredibly great number.

 “The investments speak very clearly for Germany and the Legoland Germany team. That is a very big vote of confidence from the Merlin Entertainments Group.”

Images: Legoland Germany