Liseberg in Sweden has grand plans to celebrate their centenary season by inaugurating a new themed area called Luna Park.

Luna Park opens this year and will originally house two new featured family attractions to compliment existing rides of ‘Aerospin’ and ‘Blomsterkarusellen’.

‘Turbo’ will feature an interactive motorcycle side-car style ride, constructed by Technical Park.

While ‘Tempus,’ built by Zamperla, will be a four-armed rotating attraction which moves up and down and around.

But the new features do not end there. For Luna Park’s showpiece attraction will arrive in 2023 to celebrate Liseberg’s 100th year: Luna.

Luna will be a boomerang roller coaster. It will reach speeds of 68km/h (42mph) and top up at 33.5-metres (110-feet). This attraction will be also targeted for families.

Liseberg welcome guests to ‘Fly to the moon with your first visit!’ and describe Luna from the beginning; ‘First you are pulled backwards with inhuman power as the mighty engines prepare for take-off. Engines with enough power to catapult you all the way to the moon. At least!’

“Luna Park is an area for the whole family and a tribute to the history of amusement parks and Liseberg. In time for the centennial next year the new rides Turbo & Tempus will be joined by Luna, a Vekoma Family Boomerang coaster – the tallest and fastest of its kind in the world. A celebration worthy of a 100-year anniversary”, says Andreas Andersen, CEO Liseberg.