Gulliver's Theme Parks is set to launch the world's first ever HiLo Challenge Dome at its Milton Keynes park in the UK, after collaborating with Paragon Entertainment's licensing division to design, build and install the innovative attraction.

Family entertainment resort Gulliver's Land launched the first ever HiLo Challenge Dome at the beginning of October. Originally from Michigan, US, the HiLo Challenge Dome is an active and fun attraction that is set to reshape the future of challenges courses.

The structure of the HiLo Challenge Dome is a geodesic dome that has unparalleled strength, fantastic energy efficiency and creates a unique atmosphere to make the perfect all weather, low cost attraction for family entertainment centres, play centres and leisure facilities across the world.

The new attraction at Gulliver's Land will create a unique experience for guests of any age to enjoy. Inside the geodesic dome will be a cleverly designed rope course, which stretches across the 44ft, with the summit reaching 22ft.

The unusual shape means that it can house high-level and low-level activities, at the same time, with one operating under the other.

Mark Pyrah, CEO of Paragon Entertainment, said: "When we first were introduced to the HiLo Challenge Dome we knew it was something that we wanted to introduce to a wider audience.

"It's such a unique attraction that can benefit leisure facilities, whatever the size and budget. Hilo is the only attraction housing that can be both indoors and outdoors – depending on the cover."