During the IAAPA Expo in Orlando, Hafema Water Rides, a manufacturer of water rides in the amusement park industry, announced a partnership with RP Rides, a one-stop shop for amusement ride solutions and services. 

The agreement represents a significant expansion of RP Rides’ portfolio and promises ‘to enhance the accessibility of Hafema’s water rides to a broader market,’ said a press release.

RP Rides has confirmed that it will take on the role of assisting Hafema Water Rides with business development for their diverse range of water attractions. ‘The alliance leverages the strengths and expertise of both companies, ensuring that Hafema’s water rides reach an even wider audience and provide unforgettable experiences in amusement parks worldwide.’ 

Hafema Water Rides creates a variety of water attractions such as flume rides, raft rides, splash rides, and slow boat rides and has more than 30 years of industry know-how. 

Meanwhile, RP Rides is to expand its current offerings of Ferris wheels, dark rides, and merchandise by introducing Hafema’s water rides to its network.

Mathias Nick, Managing Director of Hafema Water Rides said: “We are delighted to join forces with RP Rides. Their strong network and industry knowledge make them the perfect partner to represent our water rides. 

“Together, we will open doors to new opportunities and bring Hafema’s water attractions to a global audience and new markets.”

Images: Hafema Water Rides