Countdown has begun until the Halloween Horror Festival 2021 kicks off at Movie Park Germany when the park will be immersed in monsters, zombies and other scary creatures.

Halloween Horror Festival has been a tradition at Movie Park Germany for 23 years. This year’s event will see many favourite features return, including the park’s much-loved horror houses.

Guests will be able to experience eight horror attractions and three scare zones.

New to this year’s Halloween event is the horror course known as the ‘Acid Warrior’. Visitors who dare to enter the horror course will be chased by zombies and only those who can run faster than them will escape the apocalypse in time.

The theme park’s Horrorwood Studios will be brought to life with a new set called ‘Fear Forest’. This year’s production at the studios is ‘Path of Witches’, where witches will wreak havoc in a dark isolated forest. Stone circles, Ouija boards and abandoned wooden huts, leads visitors along a fateful path.

The Halloween Horror Festival will run for 23 days in October and November.