Holovis, specialists in the creation of immersive and mixed reality to engage audiences, have moved to a new purpose-designed headquarters in Hinckley, Leicestershire.

The 52,000 sq. ft. premises is housed in the building which was the former home of the Triumph Motorcycles Works. The huge open-plan collaboration space features a 6,500 sq. ft. demonstration facility and a 30,000 sq. ft.-plus space dedicated to working on new projects, attraction mock-ups and full show run-throughs.

When arriving at the headquarters, visitors are greeted by a virtual concierge which utilises attribute recognition technology to correctly identify each guest. The virtual concierge then logs each visitor in securely and connects them to their Holovis host.

The new venue is equipped with a full innovation R&D capability designed to fast-track the development of proprietary Holovis IPs, such as HoloTrac. With R&D capability, the guest experience at the headquarters is extended, as are security protocols, and real-time safety. With the Holovis DeepSmarts data analytics engine, automated social distancing and staff capacity handling is achieved.

Stuart Hetherington, CEO of Holovis, commented on the opening of the new headquarters: “We are looking forward to inviting our clients, prospective customers, partners and suppliers to an opening launch event when the time is right.

“This has been a challenging year for all businesses, especially the entertainment and hospitality sectors we work in, but we are now seeing positive signs of recovery, with themed entertainment destinations reopening, global design and installation projects resuming and new contracts being signed. Innovation remains central to the company’s mission and we are excited to be on track to continue our strong growth trajectory well into 2021 working with our global clients to deliver truly world-class experiences.

“Our new Headquarters is known internally as ‘The Constellation’ and be will become the beating heart of Holovis, working with our international teams and offices, who will continue to play an essential part in our strategic growth,” Hetherington added.